Keys to Success When Opening a New Hospital

Healthcare is a basic necessity and the right of every citizen in any country. Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and medical camps all form the platform for an effective healthcare delivery system, staffed by doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

Setting up a hospital is not an easy process and a lot of planning is involved. Typically hospitals can one be of two structures, government or private and they can be further broken down into specialises from general, speciality or multispecialty hospitals. Following are the pointers one needs to keep in mind when opening a new hospital.

Have a business plan – Just like any other businesses, you will need to have a well-constructed business plan in place. The plan will guide you through the process and the goals you need to achieve. A strategic action plan is necessary to start and run a hospital.

Location is the key – When opening a hospital, choose the location wisely. This is important because if there are already some hospitals in your chosen locality, it might be difficult to pool in patients. Also, the hospital should be set up in an area which has good transportation facility. Considering the cost of real estate in your area, huge financial investment is required. You need to set up the hospital in a highly visible area.

Plan the infrastructure – Infrastructure of the hospital is of utmost importance. This will allow you to provide top facilities to your patients. Keep a record of doctors qualifications and registration numbers, set working hours for physicians and nurses, purchase quality equipment and instruments, hire staff for maintenance, medical gas pipelines, plumbing and air conditioning to name a few. Know the medical laws and ethics to be followed.

Hire appropriate staff – It goes without saying that without good, qualified and appropriate staff, you cannot serve the patients, their families and the community. Hiring the right people and retaining them could be a challenge. But worry not; you can outsource your staffing needs to labour-hire companies. Whether you need permanent or temporary staff for your healthcare facility, agencies for labour hire in Melbourne can provide unmatched resources. They provide effective and immediate staffing solutions to help meet your needs.

Marketing – With all the necessary preparation required before a hospital, it is easy to forget about marketing. Marketing and advertising are as necessary to a private hospital as it is to any other business.  You can advertise through newspapers or social media.

Keep improving – There is an incredible amount of hard work that goes into setting up a hospital, so it is easy to sit back, relax and think that the work is done once the hospital has opened its doors. However, new challenges will come up when you open up the facilities. You have to constantly look for ways to improve the facilities for patients, staff and physicians. Also, introduce new technologies in the hospital to keep up with the changing healthcare system.

These steps will surely be of tremendous help to you in opening a new hospital.

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